Daimler DN-250


The pictures on this page are of the replica of Daimler’s last know prototype saloon car before, in 1960, the company was bought by Jaguar.  They were taken on 19 January 2012, the day when the car was first relicensed and I took it on the road and in time for the 50th anniversary of Jaguar’s Daimler V8-250. 


Roderick Ramage 21/01/12                                                           photography by Charlotte Tonkinson

                                                                                location a car park for walkers on Cannock Chase


















My thanks to –

Ø  Jules Bodycraft of Coven, near Wolverhampton for the bodywork and rebuilding of the car,

Ø  WT Bell (Burslem) Ltd of Stoke-on-Trent for rebuilding the engine,

Ø  John Nash of Christchurch for Daimler parts,

Ø  Errol Friend of Classic Vauxhall Parts,

Ø  many others, and

Ø  the DVLA for re-registering the car as Daimler Replica, type DN 250, with the original registration number LSL 929 of the Vauxhall Cresta donor car.


The “SL” of the registration number shows that the car was first registered in Clackmannanshire.  The number, 929, is the highest prime under 1,000 which is also a palindrome.


excuses, excuses

One or two people have kindly posted comments on the car.  I am flattered that it is noticed and explain why some things are as they are.  The car is intended for everyday use year round.  One day I shall or shall have to retire (I learnt to drive in my father’s Jowett Javelin, in case you are guessing when, and my sister in the Daimler Century which was his next car), so it seemed sensible, while I am still working and earing, to get a get a nice car that will see me out.  So practicality matters, and seeing and being seen.  The thin vertical screen pillars gives forward vision far better than any you get in modern saloon.  The electrically adjustable wing (scuttle) mirrors off a modern little Korean car give wonderful rear vision and are a justifiable anachronism.  I’ll be seen easily from behind, thanks to (well spotted one viewer) modern London taxi  rear lights.  I did buy 1950s circular lights to mount on a flat panel, but the taxi ones are far more effective.  Of course I got rid of the vestigial fins shown in the Daimler works photographs: Daimlers were restrained stuffy cars, not flashy glamour-wagons.  Why didn’t you spot the TR7 air extractors on the C pillars?  If money were no object I could have done as Daimler seemed to have done and made a new roof with a more vertical rear screen, which would be closer to the original, but one must learn to live with imperfections.


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